Blogger decides to blog–read all about it!

Here’s an announcement from my main blog. The gist: more posts to come!


After a few years dabbling in the blogosphere, I’ve decided to take the plunge and devote some significant energy to that endeavor. For those dedicated followers I’ve picked up with my sporadic rants and ruminations, I hope this is exciting news.

Or mews.

Or music to your ears.

Or all three.

Going forward, I will not only become a regular blogger here at, but I will also be contributing to two other blog projects.

First, the good mews. After putting her paw down insistently, my cat custodian Midnight has coerced me into collaborating with her on Meow at Midnight, an advice column blog that she is spearheading. I figure it’s not such a bad idea… cats stridently believe that they know everything, so an advice column is pretty purr-fect as a format for disseminating their ideas. Yes, she gives advice to humans, cats, and other beings, all with equal…

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