Good MusicNote 2.3 berserk EMINEM

And now for a lesson in hip-hop:

single: “Berzerk

artist: Eminem

Eminem is a multi-faceted, incredibly gifted rapper. But damn if he isn’t  predictable.

“Berzerk” is another zany, anthemic, loony-fest opening shot, in the tradition of “Just Lose It.” But now as one of hip-hop’s elder statesman, he’s apparently added the role of historian. Most press on “Berzerk” so far has latched onto the crunchy hard rock samples and rap cadence straight from the Beastie Boys playbook.

But that’s just the first verse. Eminem relaxes into a West Coast drawl on the second verse. On the third verse, he switches up so much I can’t even identify the source material. He ends up cramming more technique in four minutes than most rappers can pull together on an entire LP.

Sure, he’s a show-off. But when you’re that good, why not flaunt it?



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