Good MusicNote 3.8 hold on, we’re going home DRAKE FEAT. MAJID JORDAN

Home to the 80s, perhaps?

single: “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

artist: Drake feat. Majid Jordan

Every so often, a record wallops you over the head with a dreamy melodic and percussive precision, unobtrusively metered lyrics, and sinewy, effortless vocals.

Every so often, a song makes you forget you’re a consumer being sold a product. It makes you feel instead like a lucky witness to a four-minute capsule of magic.

Every so often, an artist comes along who can make this happen. Drake came tantalizingly close on “Take Care” and “Find Your Love.” Here, there’s no mistake. I like Drake as a rapper, but he hits pop sweet spots with such dexterity that I can’t help but prefer the records where he sings. 

Drake mentioned recently that with his new material he was trying to capture a Michael JacksonQuincy Jones vibe; although he backed away quickly from the comparison in terms of talent, I won’t do that. Not on this track, anyway.

“Hold On” is an instant classic, drawn from the 80s playbook. The arrangement sounds like an insanely harmonious marriage between R. Kelly and Toto (the band, not the dog). The vocals are silk, and the execution is jaw-dropping.

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