Good MusicNote 3.9 safe and sound CAPITAL CITIES

Mostly safe.

single: “Safe and Sound”

artist: Capital Cities

Much in keeping with the weird timetables of the current crop of pop top tens, this single was released well over two years ago. After buzzing about on different charts and in different countries, it has finally caught fire on the big chart.

“Safe and Sound” also shares the clear 80s stamp of many current chart-toppers. The unabashed poppiness of the lyrics and melody, along with the neatly sequenced synths and creaky-trumpet embellishments, harkens back to Howard Jones and the Pet Shop Boys (when they were playing nice).

There’s nothing here to swoon about or to be offended by. Maybe that’s the biggest piece of nostalgia we can attach to it–it is reminiscent of a time when a hit could just be a hit. No backstory, no tabloid buzz, no copyright battles–just a competent song nugget.

The nondescript duo that constitutes Capital Cities used to write jingles. Watch while I make a surprised face.

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