Good MusicNote 4.14 clarity ZEDD FEAT. FOXES

One thing that isn’t clear is where these artist names come from.

single: Clarity

artist: Zedd featuring Foxes

Anton Zaslavski featuring Louisa Rose Allen. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Yet these are the given names of the two artists responsible for this latest emo-EDM smash. I think it’s fair to say that the hip-hopping of pop music is complete. Remember when it was considered odd that rappers never used their real names?

But enough of that. “Clarity” is a fine example of EDM’s current chart domination. Take a well-executed series of DJ techniques, which before five years ago would only be heard in the context of a club remix; apply a highly melodic, earnest vocal  track.

Then mix well. Pun intended.

Foxes gives a good vocal performance, channelling Bjork via Katy Perry. Zedd shows he can mix and direct a beat like any self-respecting DJ. It’s good stuff, thoroughly dramatic and cathartic.

It does suffer a bit in comparison to the stunning “Wake Me Up.” But, then again, so does just about every other standard-issue EDM track now that Avicii has opened up that door.

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