Good MusicNote 8.20 demons IMAGINE DRAGONS

We get it… dangerous imagery sells records.

single: “Demons”

artist: Imagine Dragons

Fast on the heels of the poisonously catchy “Radioactive,” the mythically fiery Dragons now bring us the evil follow-up “Demons.”

There’s nothing particularly foreboding about the Dragons or their songs, but they are taking the appropriate cues from heavy metal and breading their innocuous songs with panko death crumbs. (Yeah, I made that up.)

The sound is a more mainstream rock, less electronic iteration of the sound most of us were introduced to on “Radioactive.” In terms of melody and arrangement, it resembles nothing more than Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” The verses begin with only keyboard accompaniment, then explode into a fully orchestrated chorus. The cadence of the chorus might actually cause Madge to consider a call to her attorneys.

Then maybe they would have a reason to sing about demons…